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Home Staging Tips

Staging is so important that I pay the staging consultation fee for every one of my Sellers.


The most important concept to take away from this article is: Preparing a house to sell is all about creating the greatest visual impact for the least amount of money! THAT should govern your budget, your choices and your time management.


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When you're selling Toronto Real Estate, imagine:

  • 50% of the value of your home comes from the first floor
  • 30% comes from the second floor (assuming you have one)
  • 10% comes from the finished basement
  • 10% comes from the exterior. Then spend your time and money accordingly.

Home Staging Tips - 1. Your first job is to create a great first impression

The first part of staging Toronto Homes is de-cluttering. You can say ‘throw it out’ or ‘put it in storage’ or ‘edit’, but whatever you call it, get rid of every item that doesn’t contribute to the ‘visual value’ of that room.

Remember, ‘greatest visual impact, least amount of money’.

No other tip is as important as this one - until you de-clutter, the other tips won’t work.

Home Staging Tips - 2. De-personalize

Personal and family photos can distract a buyer and remind them they’re in ‘someone else’s home’.

Accept that if buyers are looking at your stuff, they aren't looking at your house or condominium; so they won’t spend that valuable time on the walk-through making a decision about making an offer.

Put away your cute collections, religious items, deer heads & talking fish clocks.

A big part of staging Toronto Real Estate is creating an environment where the Buyer can picture themselves living there.

Home Staging Tips - 3. Paint – the silent salesperson

Without a doubt, one of the easiest, most cost effective ways of prepping Toronto Homes for sale is to paint them. It’s also the fastest way to turn-off a prospective buyer if you choose the wrong colour. So here’s a ‘primer’ on paint.

And no…Neutral doesn’t mean white, or beige.

Neutral just means that these colors won’t distract you from seeing and enjoying the features of the room.

Many of your color choices will be decided by your existing furniture and floor colors. BUT, your stager will make the most of 60/30/10 rule for colour balance to make your space seem larger, fresher, or whatever….

Even neutral colours have their own “feeling”. Some are seen as more ‘contemporary’ than others. It’s important to pick a color that will resonate with the target purchasing your home – urban chic, hipsters, whatever….

THAT is why it’s so important to get a recommendation from a Certified Staging Professional, even if you do the staging and painting yourself.

(I include a Professional Stager consultation as part of my listing service package.)

Home Staging Tips - 4. Furnishings

Your furniture and how it’s placed in the room, helps a potential buyer gauge how big the space is. If you have furniture that is oversized for the room, or too much furniture in a room, it will look cramped.

Choose simple furniture that’s elegant but understated and arrange it so that you can walk through the room without sidestepping or turning.

For example, a simple dining room set with four chairs is enough if you have a small- to medium-size dining space.

And remember – Do NOT clutter the rooms with extra side tables or put chairs up against the walls. Instead, rent a storage space or consider selling the items you don’t want any more, and save the cost of moving them to your new place.

Home Staging Tips - 5. Curb Appeal

While the outside of the home may only account for about 10% of its value, the front of the house is what creates the all-important first impression when you’re preparing to sell.


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Please contact me directly for questions specific to your situation.

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